The Reversal is a blog started in May 2011 by a few friends.  We plan to post articles about leadership and Christianity in a hope that people will be challenged and engaged in life.

About the Authors

Tim Brown

I am currently a sophomore at Methodist College of Nursing in Peoria, Illinois. After nursing school, I plan to continue my education either in medicine, healthcare, or serving as a medical missionary around the globe. In my spare time, you will probably find me cycling through town, playing my saxophone on the weekends, or spending time with my friends/family. I feel honored and blessed to be an author of The Reversal. Not only do I have the opportunity to improve my writing skills, but I am also able to share my thoughts/ideas with other people! Through The Reversal, I hope to give readers challenging, creative, though provoking ideas that will leave a positive impact on their life. If anyone has an idea for me to ponder or write about,  send an e-mail to and I will make it happen. Thank you and happy reading!

Adam Fifield

I’m a Sophomore in International Business at the University of Illinois. I’m the kind of person who actually has to speak my thoughts out loud sometimes just to get them in order (so if chatty people annoy you, we might not get along 🙂 ). I wanted to help with this blog because I realize that the words that I speak can actually stick in people’s minds and (sometimes) be helpful. If you want me to look into a topic, just shoot me an email at “” and I’ll make that topic into a post! Thanks for reading the blog and it is my prayer that it would be incredibly helpful to you!

Tyler Neyens

I am a Senior in Electrical Engineering at the University of Illinois.  I enjoy graphic design, photography, leadership, reading, and cycling.   I wanted to join this project to improve my writing and be able to communicate complex ideas to others.  I wanted to receive feedback on my ideas and to improve my own understanding.  An added bonus might be that people would read our blog and take something with them!  As I’ve gone forward with the project I’ve seen that another benefit will be to build stronger relationships with my coauthors and to learn alongside of them.

Currently Reading: The Books of the Bible – New Testament | Difficult Conversations

Bethany Norris

I am a master’s student in atmospheric science at the University of Illinois.  During the miniscule amounts of free time I have, I enjoy photography (especially of weather!), reading, and spending time with friends – which includes developing crazy contraptions like a machine to throw pumpkins.  I wanted to help with this because I want to practice my writing skills and get better at organizing my thoughts (which might help when writing my thesis!).