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Rise and SHINE (Part 2)

There is nothing better than waking up to that delicious, fresh smell of breakfast… warm chocolate chip pancakes, steaming scrambled eggs with a side of smoked bacon, and an ice-cold glass of orange juice waiting for you on the kitchen table (are you hungry now, because I am!). How do you imagine yourself crawling out of bed on these good smellin’ breakfast days? Are you quick to jump out and sprint to the kitchen table before anyone steals your chocolate chip pancake? OR, do you slam your alarm clock off, slowly slide out of bed, and sluggishly make your way to the table?  I am going to assume most of us would be dashing to the table. Take a moment and imagine yourself waking up on a normal day where there is no delicious breakfast waiting for you, only the screeching sound of your alarm clock telling you to WAKE UP.  How do you wake up on these days?

Normally in the morning, I am usually fighting with my alarm clock about what time I need to wake up (usually the alarm clock wins…mwhaha). On these days, I am not quick to jump out of bed. I am not quick to wake up and make the most of my day. On these days, I lack the enthusiasm that I would normally wake up to on a so called, good smellin’ breakfast day. There is no excuse for not waking up in the morning with an “I am so good I can hardly stand it” mind set. To exemplify this thought, I need to share a short story. While working one day, I was taking a patient back to his assisted living complex. This man was handicap and had to move around by a mechanical chair, but that did not hinder his attitude or enthusiasm. Every time I saw him, he always shared his positive, cheerful energy with those around him. Here is one quote that he shared with me and I will never forget it, “Every day that we can wake up and see the sunlight is a blessing from God.” Every morning that we are able to wake up, open our eyes, and see the shining morning sun, we need to thank God for that day. Every morning when we wake up to our alarm clock, we should not be counting the time, but counting our blessings.

How do you wake up in the morning? When writing this post, I wanted to think of a creative idea that people could relate to. The first thought that came to my mind is the many ways we can have our eggs cooked to order…

1. Sunny Side Up: These people never fight with their alarm clock. They are quick to jump out of bed and start the day with a, “SO good I can HARDLY stand it” attitude.
2. Over Easy: These people normally get along well with their alarm clock. They rarely press the snooze button and can hop out of bed with a smile on their face.
3. Scrambled:  These individuals are best friends with their snooze button. When the morning arrives, they stay in bed until the last minute, often skipping breakfast and running behind schedule.
4. Hard Boiled: These individuals often wake up on the “wrong side of the dirt.” When their alarm clock goes off, exit the premise because it will either be thrown across the room or out the window.

With this post, I hope I provided you with insight into how you can change the way you wake up. Your first encounter of the day has a larger impact on your attitude than your next 5 encounters. Who is your first encounter with? Yourself! Rise UP and envision everyday as an opportunity and blessing from God. Next week in my last post with the Rise and SHINE series, I will provide you with the tools you need to successfully make waking up early a newly acquired habit in your life!

This post is part of a series on waking up early, click below for more of this series!

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Rise and SHINE (Part 1)

“Wake up early to a SUPER Fantastic day” –Steve Knobeloch


There it is, the delightful sound of your alarm clock waking you up bright and early.  Most people dread this time of the day, a time when they have to slowly crawl out of their warm, comfortable bed to turn off that ear wrenching alarm clock that won’t shut up! The saying goes, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man/woman healthy, wealthy, and wise.” For Steve Knobeloch, he is no stranger to the sunrise and jump starts his day, every day at 4:00AM.

I have always struggled with waking early in the morning. I am usually the one to slam down the snooze button, pound my alarm clock until it turns off, or I simply turn it off and return to my Zzz’s. Lately, I have been pondering the benefits to waking up early and kick starting my day. For advice on this blog, I called a man who is best friends with the morning birds, Steve Knobeloch. Every day, he wakes up at 4:00AM. By 4:15, he starts his walk around the neighborhood and returns home to finish his workout. After his morning exercises, he then has time to read scripture, the paper, e-mails, and even enough time to start breakfast for his family. Steve said, “By waking up early, I feel more alert than after sleeping in and getting up a couple of hours later.”

After talking with Steve, I decided to look for online resources about the many benefits to waking up early and these were my top finds:

  1. Healthier Diet
    1. The saying goes; your biggest meal of the day should be breakfast, followed by lunch, then dinner. As for most Americans, we rush to get out the door in the morning, eat lunch if time allows, and then come home to eat dinner like a king. By having time to eat a large breakfast in the morning, you are able to boost your metabolism and not feel so hungry throughout the day.
  2. Exercise
    1. By working out in the morning, you will have less missed workouts due to unexpected plans occurring in the afternoon. Morning exercise will increase your energy, metabolism, and help relieve stress during the day.
  3. Higher Productivity
    1. With less people awake in the morning, you will have limited distractions and be more efficient when starting your goals for the day.
  4. Quality Sleep
    1. By waking up at a specific time each day, your body’s biological clock and sleep patterns will begin to adjust. No more waking up to that ear wrenching alarm clock!
  5. Enjoy the sunrise
    1. One of the most beautiful things Mother Nature offers us every day is the sunrise. The birds cheerfully chirping in the background, the gentle calmness in the morning air, and then the stunning colors that the sunrise brings to the sky.

Are you ready to jump start your mornings? Check out my post next week to discover how you can change your attitude toward waking up early and make it one of your newly acquired habits!

“The sun has not caught me in bed in fifty years.”  -Thomas Jefferson

This post is part of a series on waking up early, click below for more of this series!

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